46+ Fabulous patio shade design ideas for Backyard Design

Outdoor living spaces can add a lot of value to your home, not to mention all the extra space to entertain, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, relax and take a few minutes for yourself. But if your garden is cooked in the sun, you may find that it only takes a few minutes!

If you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces without burning sunburn, these DIY umbrella ideas could be just the ticket. Whether you are looking for something portable that can be moved around the courtyard to adapt to your current mood or in a room as big and bold as a functional and elegant pergola, you will find that there is a garden shade that adapts to your sensibilities . design, budget and do-it-yourself skills, be it sewing, carpentry, wrought iron or something else!

These smart designs do much more than protect you from the sun. Use the shading panels to define outdoor seating or add privacy to curious neighbors around the pool or deck. Keep in mind that adjustable panels are the most useful; you can always remove or retract them if you decide you need more light or if a strong wind threatens to damage them. Ready to beat that sultry summer heat? Check out these DIY sunshade ideas that will make you spend your summer outdoors.

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