59+ New Trend and Best Tile Bathroom Designs in 2020

Although they were built in 1904 and designed for New York’s well-known less clean public transportation system, subway tiles in designer bathrooms have become more popular than ever. And there is a reason why they are so popular in the world of design: they are durable, classic, infinitely versatile and incredibly affordable – especially compared to other materials for bathrooms. Whether you choose a bold color, create a contrast with the grout, play with patterns or just want to stay – there is no limit. With fifteen chic subway bathrooms, from modern to bizarre and traditional, we highlight a trend that will never fade. Keep reading to decide which underground bath idea you want to reconstruct (Note: you probably don’t want to just pick one, so hopefully repeat a few baths).

Underground tiles have a rectangular, brick, mostly polished ceramic tile that resembles a metro station. It adorns kitchens, bathrooms and guest toilets, is available in many colors and is suitable for all kinds of styles, from traditional to modern.

Best of subway tiles? It is always in fashion. Like a little black dress, tile in the subway is the best choice if you want your bathroom to look great and retain its value for many years.

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