64+ Beautiful White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas, Pictures, & Designs 2020

Keep an eye on the modern repairs of your cabinets. Use this guide to the most current cabinet trends for 2019 and find stylish and trendy ideas for kitchen cabinets that will remain modern in the coming years. Have you ever remodeled your kitchen floor with a beautiful new waterproof vinyl or tile, and then found that your cabinets now look a bit … well, compared to dark ones?

It happened to my parents when I grew up. They got new tiles and new countertops, and when everything was done, the cabinets looked positively outdated in comparison. That was not good.

If you are thinking of updating the kitchen, do not miss the cupboards. Believe me, these orange wooden cabinets are not in your favor. Be inspired by this guide whether you want to draw or replace. I have an overview of all the trends in the cabinet in 2019 that are expected and will continue. Be prepared to discover something new!

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