65+ Beautiful Modern Kitchen Ideas, Pictures, & Designs 2020

The modern design of the kitchen is sometimes considered a less traditional and modern style. In fact, every modern design has its roots in terms of time, style and inspiration.

Modern design began during the First World War and, as a rule, showed flat surfaces, geometric shapes and almost or completely without decorations or ornaments. For example, modern kitchen cabinets often have a smooth, angular and simple design with little or no hardware, doors with a solid surface and flat surfaces. Nowadays, modern kitchen design is part of a broader trend that includes modern design and mid-century furniture, giving the design bold corners and bends. Mid-century modern design – widely recognized as the source of the Nordic countries in the mid-20th century – has now been integrated into many modern kitchen designs.

While traditional kitchen styles tend to focus more on natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors, and furniture, modern kitchen designs often deviate from this aesthetic, often using artificial materials such as laminate, ceramics, and molded plastics. This is not to say that modern kitchens may or may not contain artificial materials – almost always and often with great effects. Granite surfaces, smooth wooden floors and expertly crafted wooden furniture with characteristic bends and corners of modern design are commonly found in modern kitchens.



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